Official Partner Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Learning Partner is an alliance between Cambridge University Press, publisher of the University of Cambridge, and British House Languages ​​with the main objective of building a framework that guarantees excellence in the teaching and learning of the English language.

This program consists of:

1) Our own educational project: Cambridge Learning Journey. A trip that raises the competence in the use of English and also uses it as a vehicle for the cognitive, emotional and social development of the student.

2) Cambridge University Press materials: accredited by the prestigious University, they prepare students officially for Cambridge exams and work on emotional competences and life skills. Wide range for students of all ages.

3) Guarantee for the future work: Cambridge quality seal is a world reference in the accreditation of English in the academic and business fields.

4) Training for teachers: we boost their professional and personal development, consequently having direct benefits in the classroom.

5) Home-classroom connection: playful activities to work at home with the participation of families and as support in the preparation of the Cambridge tests.